How Women Organise their Closet and Maybe their Life?


Clothes everywhere? From the bed to the floor, are your clothes scattered everywhere? And is it also a coincidence that your life is not going as planned? As what they say, things don’t always go as planned, especially there are last-minute get-together. So choosing an outfit is a dilemma, but the biggest decision to be made is if you’re in the mood to go out and if not what excuse will you come up. Here are quick tips to organize both your closet and your life so you’ll have everything under control:


   1) Hangers, hangers and more hangers!

Admit it, hangers are really of great use not only for our clothes (although that is its primary use lol) but diy (do it yourself) it and tada! It now has multiple uses. You can use hangers as a bag hanger where you hang your

at and save space or have more room for clothes.

As for your life, we are all a little like hangman we used to play when we were kids. We hang on for life as it gives us never-ending challenges which either strengthens us or weakens us. But as a fighter, we always choose to see the positive side of things.

    2) Fold then roll ‘em!

One thing I learned from a used to travel a lot, is how to pack many in a small bag, impossible right? That’s what I thought at 1st too but then I applied it myself and was surprised that it actually worked! So that’s what they say that it may seem impossible until you’ve done it. This technique done by Cebu SEO experts and can also be applicable to your closets when you want more space for certain things, you can fold your clothes like how you normally fold them then roll them nicely like a burrito then tada! More space for your clothes.

   3)  Conquer and Divide!

You need more space? Seriously, your clothes is not your boyfriend who you need space to (just kidding! Corny I know, slap me later lol). But on a serious note, if you have a wide cabinet drawer and don’t know what else to do with it then you can always divide it and share it with other clothes as well or other things. Dividing is also applicable in life right? DIviding your time wisely to finish as many tasks as you can in a day. Dividing tasks in group works is also helpful so everyone have their fair share of things to do.

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