Being Short Isn’t So Bad After All


Can’t reach a cup on the shelf? Need someone to get it for you? Being a shortie may be a little annoying sometimes, I myself get frustrated that I am not blessed with height. I can’t reach things! I mean seriously, I want that top but I can’t reach it. Despite this, admit it there are its advantages and some of them are too cute.



As a shortie myself, let me share these advantages with a big smile of being a cute shortie:


  1. No one really knows how old you really are — Yeah it might hurt sometimes when you’re mistaken for a highschool or what’s worse is when you’re mistaken for an elementary pupil (insert poker face) but look at the bright side of things! You’re always young-looking and cute! With this, people adore you and even envy you for it. So be proud for being a cutie shortie. Smile bright, always!

  2. You can get away with anything! — In a carnival, you can ride anything you want may it be a carousel cause who cares? No one really knows you or no one might even know how old you are! So go and release the inner kid and enjoy life the way you want it!

  3. You’re the best cuddle buddy — Rainy weather is cuddle weather (yay) snuggling up with someone like your significant other or even friends is so good especially with a shortie like you and me! They cuddle you like a child and nothing feels more satisfying than being cuddled like a baby on a rainy day, and the ones cuddling you feels so warm and snuggly. Nothing’s more perfect than that.

  4. More forehead kisses for us — Admit it people, forehead kisses have a different feel than cheek kisses, right? Right? I mean come on, it’s like the sweetest gesture one can make to his or her significant other; not only do they feel the love but it can help them be in a good mood and can sometimes last the day. Forehead kisses somehow can complete, inspire and put anyone in a very good mood.



So there you go fellow shortie! Don’t ever be ashamed for being not as tall as most girls, be proud and stand firm! Let these advantages inspire you and hopefully motivate you to achieve your dreams, big or small, nothing is impossible! You go little one with big dreams!

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